Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hiking and Art Making, every Sunday!

 A lot of hikes last three weeks, together with Beth Ross.
 We started on July 2nd with the Tafoni Caves on skyline. On July 9th we ventured on the Ridge Trail from Whitehouse Canyon to Chalk Mountain. And on July 16th, we walked along the beach along the Atkinson Bluff Trail, just north of Ano Nuevo.
 We are discovering the place we live, its beauty, and the details of it. Walking slowly we talk, take pictures, draw, contemplate the surroundings. Even places that are very familiar become surprising. Plants, trees, flowers, rocks, animals, human activities... we take the time to absorb it all.
 This week we'll hike the Russian Ridge Reserve on Skyline and Alpine Rd. Delma might come too.
 We'll post pictures.

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