Capradero 2011

  The 2011 version of Capradero--the whimsical outdoor art display in an empty lot downtown Pescadero-- opened on Saturday May 7th, 2011, with food, drinks, family fun, and live music. It stayed open to the public on May 8, 14, and 15, from 10AM to 6 PM. Premiering in May 2010, “Capradero: a Lot of Goats” received much public and media acclaim (see notes below).

  In 2010, goats were the main theme of our event.  In Italian “capra” means “goat,” therefore “Capradero” is the place of goats. In 2011 the concept was broadened: participating artists represented their individual interpretation of the influences that in some fashion and over time transformed Capradero into “Pescadero”--from a place where goats were the principal actors into a place where fish are (“pesca” in Italian means “fishing”, and “Pescadero” in Spanish means “fish monger”). From here, the new subtitle "Capradero: a Lot of Fish-Goats".
Artists showed their own artistic accounts of how Capradero could have become Pescadero.
Performing artists performed on Saturday 7 and Sunday 15. 
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Some Public Comments from Capradero 2010:
   “This is baaaaad! Wonderful. This is a great display. I love the art.” Elena Chiri-Bakabeinikoff, Moss Beach, CA.
   “A fun discovery! Pescadero has its mascot now. Thanks and keep going!” Shu-HSien Ho, Mountain View, CA.
   “What a great installation outdoors and inspired. Great work and effort.” Bella Togliatti, La Honda, CA.

Newspaper Articles where Capradero was featured:

  Fully featured in: “Go(a)t art? New South Coast artists group stages 'goat meadow' of 3-D art”, by Stacy Trevenon, Half Moon Bay Review, Apr 28, 2010. 

  Mentioned in: “The Radio Pirate Goes Legit: Now Pirate Cat Radio is following the rules”, by Ashley Harrell, San Francisco Weekly, May 26 2010.

Videos from last year Capradero:

Polylot Quartet performing "Brown Rice is a Bummer":

2010 Capradero: a video-overview by Delma Soult.